NuRev Referral Rewards: The referral program actually worth doing.

We partner with companies and individuals that work in a variety of businesses (realty, mortgage brokers, auto dealers, home builders, lawyers, etc.) who want their clients to receive exceptional service with regards to their insurance needs. Not only do we provide great service, we also have a reward program so the person referring the client can reap the benefits too!

Here’s what’s important to know about our NuRev Referral Rewards program:

Step One: Sign Up with Us

All we need to get you set up is your contact information and bank account details. When you sign up with us, we provide you with a special referral code that you can send to your clients. This is how we track your rewards back to you. You will also get a personalized account where you can see your transactions.

Step Two: Your Client Buys a Policy

After you provide your client with your code, they go to our website to purchase their policy. They enter your code on the “discounts” screen, and they will accept an agreement stating they acknowledge you get paid for the referral by us. This is part of compliance in many industries, so we take the hassle out of this step for you. ?

Step Three: You Get Paid!

After your client buys, the reward will be deposited in to the bank account that you set up with Nuera or through the owner of your business to distribute. Rewards are paid out at the end of each month for the previous month. There’s no limit to what you can earn, and you can keep track of your transactions through your account!

Don’t believe how awesome we are?

We’ll let our customers tell you how much they love us!
Amanda van Aggelen
Brittany was so helpful, and played around with my policy to help me find something that was equally protective and cost effective. She even reached out to…
Meghan Burns
I’ve had such prompt and positive experiences with Tiffany at Nuera Insurance. Couldn’t be happier with her support! Thanks so much.
Sharon McAndrew
I had recently moved here from Nova Scotia and was frustrated trying to get vehicle insurance in place until my daughter recommended calling Natasha

We are partnered with some of our favourite Canadian brands to reward you with even more value.