The Nuera Insurance Management Program

No more chasing tenants for documents. As a Nuera partner, our insurance document management system will make your life a whole lot easier. We will provide software that enables you to manage tenant’s insurance certificates and even recognize when your tenants or future tenants purchase a policy from Nuera. Best of all there is no cost or hidden fees for this service!

What We Do for You

  • The policy is emailed directly to your team when a tenant buys, changes, renews, or cancels their policy.
  • We ensure your minimum required coverages are met.
  • We provide your clients with a code that provides them with a discount.
  • We handle all insurance inquires and questions.
  • We’re here to assist and ensure a smooth claim settlement.

Why Nuera Is Right for Your Clients

  • Exclusive online pricing.
  • Best coverage (includes sewer backup and water damage).
  • Buy online in minutes, 24 hours a day.
  • Immediate electronic policy deliverance to both you and the tenant.
  • 30 minute claims service guarantee.
Save time

Save time and money by having us take care of all the administration.

Receive immediately

Have your tenant buy online when signing the lease, and receive a copy of the policy by email immediately.

Know tenants have right package

Know which tenants have coverage and make sure they have the right package.

Challenges We Can Solve: 

  • Collecting proof of a new policy.
  • Collecting renewal policy.
  • Tenants who cancel their policy shortly after purchasing.
  • Tenants not buying adequate coverage.
  • Tenants not buying from a reputable insurer.

Proudly Partnered With:

… and many more.

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Our Nuera Management team will work with you to create a customized solution to fit your needs, just like we’ve done for hundreds of property management firms in Western Canada. We guarantee a simple and convenient set up for your organization and we provide all the marketing materials for your leasing agents and building managers. All of our services and materials are free of charge! We only need 10 minutes of your time for a demo and 5 pieces of information to get you set up.

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