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Greg is Nuera's Digital Marketing Specialist. When he's not analysing our digital channels, he likes to pick up his guitar and write a song or ski in the Canadian Rockies with his wife and kids.

Steps to take after a Snowstorm

Surprise Snowstorms in Alberta aren’t really much of a surprise anymore but can catch us all off guard regardless. Nuera would like to provide some tips on what to do after the snow flies! Lighten the load on the roof – Walk the perimeter of your home. Are the gutters and eaves looking fierce with […]

The Ins and Outs of Condo Insurance

So, you’re all set to make one of the biggest purchases of your life – the perfect condo. What do you do next? It may not sound like the most exciting task when you’re about to move into a new home, but purchasing an online condo insurance policy should be at the top of your […]

Your First Condo

Purchasing your first Condo? Your first home purchase can be very exciting but also very stressful, especially when you are making the transition from renting to owning the unit. One of the most important things to consider as a new owner is condominium insurance. Why do I need coverage? Condo insurance is there to help […]

Spring Cleaning: Don’t Procrastinate, Start Now

Spring is in the air! Well, not quite but with under a month away why not start thinking about ways you can efficiently declutter and organize your home. For many of us, spring comes and goes; before we know it, summer is here and we have yet to start our Spring cleaning. Cleaning is never […]

When the Guy Above You Destroys Your Stuff

Most of us have been there; lived below the loudest tenants on the planet, who don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves. Every night is a party, and sleep is something you manage to get after 4am when things die down. What happens when that same neighbor has one of those wild parties, and […]

Dog Bites… Are They Covered?

Dog Bites… Are They Covered? As soon as the weather is above zero, my biggest priority is to spend time outside. The two activities at the top of my list are hosting a BBQ with my friends & family, and taking my pup to the dog park or on a hike. Most people take full […]

Do I actually need renters insurance?

Because your landlord says so. Liability insurance covers you against bodily injury and property damage you may involuntarily cause to others. This is what landlord care most about; if an event accidently happens that you’re legally liable for, this portion of the insurance policy will “kick in” to cover the damages. Nuera policies offer up […]

So you found yourself with a case of bed bugs

So you found yourself with a case of bed bugs… it’s ok, it happens. This is not a reflection of your cleanliness as a person. We know you rock but, somewhere, somehow you made a connection with your dreaded new friend. Unfortunately, damage from bed bugs, mice and vermin are not covered under your insurance […]