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Your place has been cleaned like it’s never been cleaned before. You’ve taken the perfect set of photos and everything looks amazing. Now you’re ready to post your place on Airbnb and be a host. But did you get Airbnb insurance to cover you for all the things that Airbnb doesn’t?

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A Nuera Airbnb insurance policy covers you for:

Tenant Vandalism

You thought you had the perfect tenant, but it turns out you didn’t. This will help cover losses above and beyond what you can recover through a damage deposit and protects your investment against worst-case scenarios.

Rental Income

Your property is one of your biggest investments. If a claim happens (let’s say your place burns down) and you’re unable to collect rent, we don’t want you to lose out. This coverage will pay lost rent so you’ll still make money.

Fully Furnished Coverage

Are you renting your home with couches, TVs, a bed, and other furnishings to ensure a comfortable stay? If there is a claim and you lose these, you will be covered up to the limit you select for landlord contents.

Replacement Cost on Home

Unlike some policies, we’ll make sure your home is re-built to the same quality as the one you had. We want to make sure your investment is protected and you’re getting a home of equal value back after a loss.

5 Million Liability

Accidents happen. For instance, if your tenant slips and injures themself due to poor maintenance of your property, your insurance policy will extend to cover liability claims.

Sewer Backup & Water Escape

From a sewer backup to a water leak from your appliances or pipes, you’ll have coverage.

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