30 Year Term Life Insurance is ideal for young adults, home owners, parents and business owners.

Have consistent coverage for when you’re carrying debt and have dependents.

Here’s a bit more about our 10 Year Term Life Insurance:

Who It’s For Recommended for individuals who have any debt, whether it be mortgage, student loan, or credit card balances. It can also be used to bridge the gap of an expiring Term product for thirty years to provide coverage until a financial responsibility is met. 
For Parents It covers periods of time when you have dependents and secures their financial future with a benefit. This policy provides children age 0-18 with some financial security in the event of a parent’s death. Many parents will also take into consideration the cost of education and providing for university in the event they are not around.
Eligibility Minimum amount of $25,000. For a Canadian, Permanent Resident or person with a valid work visa, from 18-50 years old. Ideal for individuals with short term loans or debt, or individuals who cannot afford longer term coverage.
How It Works It’s taken out for a 30-year period with the option to renew at the anniversary of the policy.
Benefits Premiums are lower than permanent insurance, allowing younger people to buy more coverage when the need for protection is usually greater. This policy is affordable and provides coverage for amortization periods on mortgages. It is a non-taxable benefit unlike investments. It can also be converted to a permanent insurance product. You can cancel at any time.
This policy only provides coverage for a certain period. There is no protection for final expenses and the policy terminates at age 80.  

Yes, you are one of a kind.

Term life insurance pricing is based on the smoking status, gender, lifestyle, health, and the age of the individual applying for coverage.  If there is a history of medical issues, high risk occupation, or even a conviction for reckless or drunk driving, prices for life insurance can be rated for the increased risk.

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What Life Insurance is all about.

Term Life Insurance is a product designed to protect individuals of financial burden in the event of an unexpected death. It is a tax-free lump-sum predetermined payment provided to your named beneficiaries after your death.