10 Year Term Life Insurance is ideal for people that need short term life insurance.

Have consistent coverage for a select amount of time.

Here’s a bit more about our 10 Year Term Life Insurance:

Who It’s For Recommended for individuals with short loans, or those requiring Life Insurance coverage for a short period of time. It can also be used to bridge the gap of an expiring Term product for ten years to provide coverage until a financial responsibility is met. 
Who It’s Not For It is not recommended if you feel you will require more than 10 years of coverage.
Eligibility Minimum amount of $25,000. For Canadians, permanent residents or people with a valid work visa, from 18-70 years old. Ideal for individuals with short term loans or debt, or individuals who cannot afford longer term coverage.
How It Works It’s taken out for a 10-year period with the option to renew at the anniversary of the policy.
Benefits This is the lowest premium Term product available. It is a non-taxable benefit unlike investments. It can also be converted to a permanent insurance product. You can cancel at any time.
Disadvantage This policy only provides coverage for a certain period. Although it is renewable, renewal premiums can be quite high and are not advantageous past 10 years.

Yes, you are one of a kind.

Term life insurance pricing is based on the smoking status, gender, lifestyle, health, and the age of the individual applying for coverage.  If there is a history of medical issues, high risk occupation, or even a conviction for reckless or drunk driving, prices for life insurance can be rated for the increased risk.

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What Life Insurance is all about.

Term Life Insurance is a product designed to protect individuals of financial burden in the event of an unexpected death. It is a tax-free lump-sum predetermined payment provided to your named beneficiaries after your death.